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I have this questioned asked often, “How often should I bathe my French Bulldog?” One thing I’ve realized is the more care we give our Frenchie the more we feel better about the care we give them even if it’s not in their best interest. I believe we need to ask ourselves what is in the best interest of our Frenchies not what is in the best interest of our mindset.

My Frenchies do not have allergies and I contribute that partially to the fact that we do not overbathe them. There are other factors in play as well. But let’s consider a few things. Have you ever seen a dog rolling in the dirt? This is a an evolutionary adaptive behavior for its overall health and wellness. There are microrganisms, bacteria, and fulvic and humic acids in the soil that have evolved over time alongside our four legged friends. Dirt is necessary. Just think about going to a spa for a mud bath for yourself. There’s a reason for it and there’s a reason why dirt on your little Frenchie prince or princess is best for their overall health and wellness.

When should you bathe your Frenchie?

First, the first bath your Frenchie will receive is before he joins you if you’re getting a pup from our sister company The French Bulldog of Colorado. At you pick up, your Frenchie will have experienced his first bath. We recommend bathing your Frenchies no more than once every two weeks. That being said, I prefer one bath monthly for my Frenchies. Sometimes it’s longer. In between baths I use the Aroma Paws essential oils sprays. When they need it I apply the nose butter and use the in between cleaner to clean their folds and wrinkles around the nose and tail pocket and under their eyes.

When should you bathe your Frenchie more than once every two weeks?

There are always exceptions to the rules. You may need to wash your Frenchie more often than once every two weeks if they:

  • Potty or poo on themselves during potty training.
  • Think they are little piglets and take a dip in the mud.
  • Have fleas, follow the treatments instructions.
  • Develop little bumps that need to be treated with a special shampoo. Follow the bottle or vet instructions.
  • Rolled in something gross.

How often should I bathe my French Bulldog? No more than every two weeks or if you meet one of the exceptions. Next week we will discuss what to look for in ingredients that are safe for your Frenchie. We love Aroma Paws products as they are safe, effective, and smell great.

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