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I am asked this question often, “Does a male or female French Bulldog make a better pet?” I say both. French Bulldog male and females have beautiful personalities. We have several of each and love each ones own unique personality. They are considered the clown dog and are all goofy in their own way. Just as people have differing personalities so do Frenchies. Some are shy. Others outgoing. Some are bossy. Others are laid back. Some are bold. Others are cautious. Some are calm. Others are excitable. Part of the personality is given at birth and part is developed by the environment in your home. Every Frenchie is unique and special and to me it’s easy to love them all.  

Males do tend to be larger than their female litters mates and typically have larger heads. This isn’t always the case as some of our girls at first glance you’d think they were males with their larger heads. I always say all shapes and sizes of Frenchies are beautiful!  

Frenchies love people and get along great with other pets except two of our girls that just don’t like it when the other one is allowed to eat. But typically these behaviors are avoided if you spay/neuter your Frenchies. Females do tend to have mood swings and be territorial around their heat cycles. Males may act territorial, mark territory, and display humping behaviors if left in tact. To avoid these behaviors we recommend spaying or neutering your Frenchie.  You can read more here about spaying/neutering your Frenchie and the alternatives to traditional spays/neuters here.

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