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When you are anxiously waiting for your French Bulldog to join you, you may be thinking about French Bulldog names. We realize we have named your puppy but you may or may not keep that name. We find about 1/3 of new owners keep the original name and the others change it. We do name puppies in a way that matches their look and personality. Below is a list of names in alphabetical order and also lists based off of the puppies coloring.

A – Aster, Adore, Archie, Ariel, Angus, Ace, Aqua, Arya, Avalon, Axel, Angel, Alpha

B – Biscuit, Baby, Buttercup, Bon Bon, Barker, Belle, Bean, Blossom, Buddy, Bear, Bandit, Bruno, Beau, Berry, Blondie, Blush, Blizzard, Buddha, Bianca

C – Charm, Crumpet, Champ, Cuddles, Copper, Coco, Chico, Cherry, Clementine, Cinnamon, Cinderella Calla, Cupcake, Clyde, Caruso, Cookie, Chica, Cracker Jack

D – Duke, Darling, DaVinci, Dot, Dexter, Diva, Drifter, Dodger, Diamond, Dior, Daffy, Dahlia, Demi, Duchess, Dori

E – Echo, Elmo, Eggo, Emerald, Eloise, Eager, Ebony, Elvis

F – French Fry, Felicity, Finn, Fuchsia, Fluffernutter, Fifi, Freesia, Foxy, Fidget, Fletcher, Falcon, Fievel, Fargo, Fabian

G – Guapo, Gus, Gumbo, Gizmo, Goldie, Ginny, Giselle, Ginger, Gabin, Giovanni

H – Honey, Harley, Hank, Hazel, Holly, Harmony, Hamilton, Helix, Hoagie

I – Iris, Ivory, Itsy, Indigo, Imagine, Indy

J – Joy, Jingle, Jax, Jasper, June, Jade, Jules, Juicy, Jimbo

K – King, Kitty, Kobe, Kingsley, Konan

L – Louie, Lady Bug, Leo, Lucky, Loki, Lacey, Licorice, Luna

M – Meatball, Myrtle, Mosby, Mojo, Milo, Murphy, Moose, Marley, Maverick, Mocha, Mary Puppins, Maybelline, Maisey, Muffin, Mateo, Minnie

N – Nova, Nugget, Nana, Ninja, Nala, Nacho

O – Oreo, Otis, Olive, Ollie, Oasis, Oscar, Opal, Ophelia, Othello, Oceana, Orca

P – Pace, Pixy, Pork Chop, Petal, Poppy, Peggy Sue, Penny, Pac Man, Prince, Peanut, Pearl, Pastel, Peach, Piglet, Penelope, Portia, Pebbles, Pogo

Q – Quill, Queeny, Quasimodo, Quincy, Quade, Quinn

R – Rambo, Rocky, Romeo, Rainbow, Rosey, Roscoe, Reagan, Roselynn

S – Snapple, Spud, Skipper, Sassy, Sugar, Shadow, Simba, Sunny, Sage, Shrimp, Sissy, Snickers, Scotch

T – Trace, Tobascoe, Treasure, Teddy, Toby, Tank, Teeny, Titan, Tator-Tot, Tornado

U – Uno, Urban, Underdog, Uncle, Ulysses, Unique

V – Valiente, Virgina Woof, Vance, Vaughn, Valentino, Victor, Vera, Violet

W – Winston, Willow, Walnut, Wilma, Wallace, Wren, Wyatt

X, Y, Z – Xerxes, Xena, Yahoo, Yani, Yvette, Zuma, Zeus, Ziggy, Zipper, Zeke, Zebra

French Bulldog Names by Color

Lilac – Ash, Ashley, Lavender, Lilac, Dove, Gandalf the Grey, Foggy, Hazy, Hazel, Gris (French for “gray”), Grigio (Italian for “gray”) Silver, Haiiro (Japanese for “gray”) Vapor, Wraith, Powder, Bullet, Gleam, Glimmer, Glitter, Nickel, Shine, Sterling, Tinsel, Whisp, Satin

Fawn – Cinder, Fade, Peanut Butter, Acorn, Chestnut, Chewbacca, Hickory, Brunette, Taupe, Topaz, Russet, Umber, Bambi, Tanner, Brun, Brown Sugar, Pumpernickel, Cinnamon, Whiskey, Cannoli, Caramel, Cashew, Fawn 

Blue – Agate, Azure, Beryl, Blueberry, Cadet, Cobalt, Harriman, Lapis, Sapphire, Teal, Navy, Periwinkle, Dusk, Shadow, Luster, Slate, Smokey, Stoke, Stoker, Union, Royal, Yale, Steely, Winter, B.B.King, Ajax, Blade, Lake, Ocean, Larkspur, Azurine, Velvet

Chocolate – Hershey, Tootsie, Raisin, Cadbury, Java, Guinness, Cola, Rolo, Kahlua, Clove, Godiva, Snickers, Mocha, Coffee, Cocoa, Bear, Charlie Brown, Mudd, Teak, Brun, 

Pied & Merle – Spot, Speckle, Pepper, Comet, Earl, Foggy, Rush, Crumbs, Stormy, Dusty, Merle, Bandit, Blotch, Calico, Camo, Chutney, Checkers, Dapple, Dice, Dicey, Dumpling, Domino, Dot, Dottie, Freckles, Mittens, Patches, Polka dot, Sox, Speckles, Tux, Inky, Grit, Smudge, Raven, Batman, Stallion, Black Jack, Knight, Blizzard

Cream & White – Blondie, Nilla, Brie, Aspen, Honey, Blanca, Ferrah, Bagel, Thistle, Butters, Tofu, Casper, Banshee, Marshmallow, Vanilla, Ivory, Biscuit, Sandy, Summer, Savannah, Tuscan, Sesame, Buff, Buffy, Beige, Chowder, Pearl, Sprite, Dazzle, Cream Puff, Waffles, Buttercup

Brindle, Black, or Black & White – Coal, Orca, Oreo, Shadow, Specter, Phantom, Ink, Cinder, Jet, Soot, Witch, Onyx, BlackBerry, Caviar, Licorice, Butler, Iron, Mica, Lava, Char, Diesel

What French Bulldog Names do you like?

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