Frenchie Friday Jan 28th, 2022

Happy Frenchie Friday All!

It’s been a week and I’m thankful it’s Frenchie Friday! We are renting Sing 2 and watching it this evening surrounded by all of the Frenchies. Our new little guy Nacho is adjust well. He’s learned to use the doggie door to come in but hasn’t quite figured out the going out part. He doesn’t like the flap in his face but I bet by next week he’ll have it down. He’s adjusting to playing with his new friends and being my newest coworker. 

It’s been cold recently. We enjoy warm snuggles each morning by the fireplace. If I could slow down time, I would. Saddens me that one day the human boys will be too big to join me and four-legged ones will one day cross the rainbow bridge. But for now I will soak up and enjoy every moment. 

When snuggles have come to an end and we have to move on with the rest of the day, Romeo and Jewels look at me like I’m crazy that they have to go outside and relieve themselves. Or maybe that’s the look of defiance. “We won’t go mom! We’ll freeze our ears off out there.”

Here’s a bunch of snoozing Frencies pics. The boys went to get their Covid shot and skipped school Thursday. We watched Sing to prep us for watching the second one this weekend. 

I’ve been working on quite a few projects this week and wanted to accomplish them all. Unfortunately, I still have to wrap them up next week. We will have an Etsy shop, a website for our pups, and another project is underway. 
This week I did write about why a blanket is a better option than a bed. And I truly believe it and so does Romeo. LOL!  Read the article here!  Enter FRENCHIEFAMILY to get 20% off your own blanket. 🙂 

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