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After decades of experience, I have decided a blanket for French Bulldogs is better than a bed. Everyone thinks you need a doggie bed when you get a new pup which is not necessarily the case. You can get one of course and some are super cute. Here’s a few reason why I choose this waterproof blanket for French Bulldogs is better than a bed.

They are easy to wash. 

Most bed require unzipping the case or throwing the whole thing in the washer which is just a little impractial to me. So many Frenchies pee on their beds right after they have washed and it’s so much easier launder blankets. 

The don’t loose their shape. 

Most beds lose their shape after use and washing. These blankets stay looking great even after washing several times. 

The filling for the bed can be a choking hazard. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen asked in Frenchie Facebook groups, “What bed can I get that my Frenchie won’t tear apart?” I worry about the stuffing being a choking hazard. As soon as I see any exposed fluff or stuffing, I throw that toy or bed out! I say just avoid bed for safety if this is the case. I’ve had several Frenchies that destroy everything and they don’t destroy these beds. 

Blankets are so versatile! 

A blanket for French Bulldogs can be folded into quarters when using as a bed replacement for extra fluffiness. I have one folded in half at the end of my bed so when my Frenchie jumps in I can easily spread it over the bed which results in less wear and tear and washing on my comforter. My Frenchie’s car seat is covered with a blanket and they easily fit in crates, too.

Protects furniture from puppy tinkles and fur glitter . 

 I spread one over the portion of my couch that my Frenchie loves to sleep on.  Also, in the summer time I place them on my outdoor furniture as they love to sunbathe there but our guests do no enjoy fur glitter on their clothes as much as we do. The waterproof portion is amazing in case their a puppy tinkle or a someone regurgitates in the middle of the night on the bed or when relaxing on the couch. 

Use underneath playpen to protect flooring.

When my. momma’s have babies they sleep with them in my room. I use a medal playpen that I place on one of these blankets. It keeps my carpet from getting dirty and in case the pups wiggle their way off their nest they remain warm in the fluff. It is not great for putting down to potty train your Frenchie as when they poo it can get trapped but it works great for babies with mommas.

I have spilled red wine on the white blanket, left it in the hamper for a week, and the stain was completely removed. They stay looking great over time and are well worth the investment. I used to buy beds every few months as they were destroyed or looked terrible. Try a blanket for your Frenchie and see if you get the paw of approval. They come in several colors.

I wish I could say it’s 100% indestructible but I can’t. I haven’t had any issues and have been using the same ones every day for years without any breakdowns. But if you ever start to see wear and tear over the years, your Frenchie’s safety comes first. Toss anything whether it’s a blanket, bed, toy, etc… if there’s a possibility your Frenchie could swallow it. In fact, go do a safety check now on your Frenchie’s toys and bedding.

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