Frenchie Friday February 11, 2022

I hope you are all have fun Valentine’s plans for the weekend! We as always will be spending lots of time with the little Frenchies. Last week I missed Frenchie Friday. I was worn out by the snow days and having two little boys running around so I napped and binged watch a series with the Frenchies. They of course enjoyed it. 

I need to address one thing.
For those of you who know me from purchasing a pup in the past I am no longer a part of that company since October 2021. I was never an owner. I’ve always taken ownership in my position and pride myself in that. 

The French Bulldog of Colorado

I do raise my own French Bulldogs at a smaller scale. Right now we are expecting Maddie’s litter due February 16th. I have been spending lots of time working on building my own website The French Bulldog of Colorado. It’s mostly done but please realize there’s a video I need to create and a couple of articles to write for it to be complete but feel free to check it out. Completing the videos and articles is the goal for next week…along with having Frenchie babies! Pics to come! I am also looking for small breeders in the area who want to raise Frenchies but not necessarily match pups with families. It’s hard work to do both and you really get to enjoy the experience more when focusing on one.

Things I focus on in my program: genetic testing, optimizing nutrition through raw feeding and supplements, my Frenchies are a part of my family, pups are very well socialized with kids and other pups, we start potty training, and overall they get lots of lots of love. We also provide a stud service for our male Platinum male Nacho and other males. Isn’t he a handsome little guy! Looking for more sires to add to the program. Let me know if you’d like information on adding your male. 

Frenchies Naturally

We have Frenchies Naturally which provides products for your Frenchie, Frenchie education and support, and swag for humans. 

Future-The French Bulldog of Colorado Rescue

Upcoming is a The French Bulldog of Colorado Rescue. This is a passion of mine and a way to give back to my Frenchie community.  I’ll keep you updated and informed as we get closer to launching this as we will be looking for Frenchie foster families.

I love Frenchies and have made them my complete life. I believe in the way they change our world and our lives.

What the Frenchies have been up to!

Anyway, I know you are all here for the pics and knowing what the Frenchies have been up to this past week. 

Lessie poo got a new jumpsuit as she piddles on the floor too much. I don’t love these but they are working ok. I’ve actually decided to place a disposable diaper on underneath and the jumpsuit will hopefully help them stay up. 

Annie is also sneaky and makes her way inside the house and enjoys chewing on water buffalo horns in front of the fireplace. Our Frenchies have their own amazing living room space all decked out for them where we all hang out. But of course they all love to sneak in to the off limits area just like real kids. 

They’ve been doing a bunch of laying around and living in the lap of luxury. 

Remeo makes sure the chair cushions don’t fly away. 

And Jewels is enjoying retired life. She gets to sleep with us most of the time except sometimes the snoring between her and DeMarco is just a bit much and one of them has to go and DeMarco says it’s not him. LOL! 

Oh, and Romeo has found his new perch. 

Maddie has been enjoying lots of blankets and pillows to keep herself comfy. I’m expecting 2-4 pups. We will see. 🙂 We use these blankets on our beds, couches, as doggie beds, etc…. Get your here!

And I almost forgot to mention. I received my progesterone machine this week! It’s a big deal in breeding as it can help you be more precise in breeding and have an accurate due date. That’s what is inside the boxes. 🙂 

I’ve been posting more reels on instagram. Follow us to keep up on what the Frenchie clan is up to! We’d love to follow you too!  Check out what Jewels has to say and follow while you’re there. 

The other Frenchies also give advice. 

Send me your instagram links as I’d love to follow you! 

Send your own Frenchie pics as I’d love to see them and share them!!!info@ or text to 719-308-7444
I will be posting them to instagram and Facebook so make sure to follow these pages. 

Boarding your Frenchie-Colorado Springs
Don’t forget we can watch and take good care of your Frenchie while you’re away on vacation. I wasn’t going to continue this service but have decided I will continue watching Frenchie babies I’ve placed in their homes. 

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