Frenchie Friday: May 13, 2022
Happy Frenchie Friday All! Hope all of the human and fur momma’s out there had a happy Mother’s Day! I spent the day enjoying time with Tytan & Trenton and all of the Frenchies. My Mother’s Day weekend started out early as the boys had Thursday & Friday off from school. I love seeing them play outside with the Frenchies. Nacho especially loves chasing them. 

Trenton finds it fun to throw frisbees for them. 

Bubbles won as she always does. 

We had friends over to play spades on Saturday. Their kiddos, especially Maia love the Frenchies and she particularly loves Jewels and Jewels love little girls. 

Dante loves them but he loves to pose for the camera more. 🙂

I can just taste those cookies on my lips. No, Jewels you can’t have chocolate chip cookies. 

Sunday morning started Mother’s Day out right with Romeo snuggles. He loves being a Romeo sandwich between mom and dad. This is the life! 

 We will be watching this little girl for a month. I’ve missed having little pups around and am getting my fill of Frenchie baby snuggles. 

DeMarco and Trenton are loving her. 

Trenton is training on how to teach other kids how to take care of Frenchies. Course is coming soon. He’s working on the proper hold to keep pups safe. 

Romeo, “We’re not keeping her, right mom?”

Sorry. Not Sorry for taking over as cutest pup in the palace Romeo.~Mable

I have just bred one of my girls today so we should have pups coming. I’m waiting to confirm pregnancy before I start posting all about it. Hopefully pups coming in July! 😉 

Do you have questions you want answered about Frenchies? Feel free to ask. I might just write a blog about it. 

Considering a Frenchie pup? Here’s how to potty train a pup. Read it here. 

Got a Frenchie pup coming? Here’s the number one command to teach yoru Frenchie. You can read it here.  

Thinking of raising Frenchies? Check out the most common mistakes I see new breeders make.  Read it here. 

Got pics of your Frenchie? We’d love to see them and share them with the rest of the group. 

Next Breedings. I have just bred one of my girls today so we should have pups coming. I’m waiting to confirm pregnancy before I start posting all about it. Hopefully pups coming in July! 😉 Up to 4 girls will be bred by August. I might be tired but I’ll be in Frenchie pup heaven. 

 Stud Service
We also provide a stud service for our male Platinum male Nacho and other males. Isn’t he a handsome little guy! Looking for more sires to add to the program. Let me know if you’d like information on adding your male. 
 Frenchie BreedersI’m looking for Frenchie breeders to partner with who do genetic testing. I love matching quality pups to good homes. I realize it’s a lot of work to raise babies and place them in homes. Contact me for details. 719-308-7444

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My best friend Erica has taken over posting images on Instagram for me for Frenchies Naturally. She’s great at design and frees me up to do what I do best which is Frenchie education. Take a look at what she’s done so far. Click here to follow and stay informed: instagram for Frenchies Naturally. 

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 Send your own Frenchie pics as I’d love to see them and share them!!!info@ or text to 719-308-7444
I will be posting them to instagram and Facebook so make sure to follow these pages. Boarding your Frenchie-Colorado Springs
Don’t forget we can watch and take good care of your Frenchie while you’re away on vacation. I wasn’t going to continue this service but have decided I will continue watching Frenchie babies I’ve placed in their homes. 
Cute Frenchie FridayOur previous Frenchie babies happily living in their new homes!
Happy Families!

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