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Hi I'm Dr. Amanda Williams

Pharmacist by trade Frenchie lover by heart
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A World With Frenchies--Naturally Is A Good World.

I believe the world is better because Frenchies are in it. I was born into the breeding world. My grandma, mom, and aunt all raised a variety of different breeds over 40 plus years. At this writing I am 39 years old and would say I have 39 years of doggie experience. Growing up I always loved little dogs that looked and sounded like piglets such as Shar-peis and English Bulldogs. When I was introduced to Frenchies in 2001 it was easy to fall in love and add my first girls Zoe, Darcy, and Paris. I raised beautiful pups from these girl as I got my my bachelors in cell and molecular biology. I went to pharmacy school and took a break from the breeding world. Before kiddos everyone knew them as my girls. 

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Frenchies are family members


I have seen over the decades how our view of our pets has changed to make them a real part of our families. We have been concerned with our health and wellness as humans and have the same requirements for our four legged family members as well. My approach to Frenchie health and wellness is an integrative approach meaning I use the best practices of preventative care, holistic, and traditional medications when needed. I am not afraid of anything that will increase the longevity of my Frenchie babies. 

The Best Life for Your Frenchie is a healthy one.

I will do anything for my Frenchies and I know you would do the same for yours as well.  

That’s why I have created courses and a membership group to give you the information I have so you can make the best decision for your little one. 

Throughout the years, I have found products & supplements that our Frenchies and other Frenchie families can feel good about using as well. 

I want Frenchies Naturally to be the one source where Frenchie owners are educated to find all their sustainable, functional, and clean nutritional items. 

Feel free to contact me anytime. I want you to feel at ease with optimizing your Frenchies health and wellness. 

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Coures & Membership Groups

Thank you for making the Frenchie buying process so easy for us.
Marlene Frenchie owner
Frenchie Owner
Amanda seems to know everything about Frenchies. Thank you for sharing your expertise
Rob Frenchie Owner
Frenchie Owner
I have been scammed in the past and wish I would have known this information.
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Make your Frenchies Life a Healthy One.