French Bulldog colors vary quite a bit. They come in many shades and patterns. To break it down simply there are two classifications of standard and rare colored French Bulldogs. The standard colors can be shown in the show ring whereas the rare colored cannot. We strive to have top notch quality whether they come from our standard line of champion males or the rare colors. Have fun cruising around and learning about the different colors of Frenchies and how their genetics determines their expression. Of course, it’s always fun to just look at the pics too!

French Bulldog Colors: These are pied French Bulldogs

Just a quick overview on genetics. Each Frenchie inherits one copy of a certain gene from each parent which determines its expression of color. Some genes are dominant (need just one copy to be expressed). Whereas some genes are recessive needing two copies of the gene to express the color. There are several different genes that control color located on various loci. You will see them labeled as K-Locus, A-Locus, M-Locus, etc… Do not get overwhelmed by the information. It’s just there to help you understand how the genes work if you are interested. You can always just look at the pics and get a good idea of the perfect Frenchie color for you. I personally love them all! I”m always saying whatever French Bulldog I’m looking at at the moment is my favorite color. Breeding is a science and to get the best colors and confirmations we have had/enjoyed deepening our knowledge of the French Bulldogs genetics.

Again enjoy learning all things Frenchie!

Standard Frenchies

Rare Colored Frenchies