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French Bulldog Collar (Blue & Lilac)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Set your Frenchie up right with this popular and stylish French Bulldog collar in blue or coral.

  • Collar is comfortable, functional, dirt & odor resistant.

Get the matching set: (collar set or harness set)

  • Harness is super comfy and lightweight.
  • Leash is dirt resistant and waterproof.
  • Poop bag carrier is color matched.
  • Poop bags are plant-based and biodegradable

Items can be purchased separately or as sets. Save $20 when purchasing the sets.

Size purchasing recommendations: 

If you are bringing home a Frenchie around 8-12 weeks old, we recommend the leash kit with a collar in size small. You likely will not be taking your puppy on walks until after 16 weeks old when they have their full series of shots. Thus, no need for the harness yet. If it were me, I’d order the collar leash set in small and a small harness for your new puppy to grow into. Then when your little one outgrows the small order a medium in the collar and harness.

Collar Sizes:

Small: 8″-12″ and 3/4″ strap

Medium: 12″-15″ and 3/4″ strap

Large: 15″-18 and 1″ strap