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French Bulldog Immune System Organic Mushroom Mix


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The French Bulldog immune system organic mushroom mix is a great addition to your Frenchies health and wellness. You can use this for a prevention, regeneration, protection, and as a treatment (under your holistic vets care). My Frenchies use this for prevention to keep their immune system boosted.

4 major functions of these versatile Medicinal mushrooms:

  1. Prevention (disease)
  2. Regeneration (cells)
  3. Protection (cancer, radiation)
  4. Intervention (treatment)

While other mushroom products are mycelium (a lab-grown fungus that’s only part of a mushroom), this Immunity mushroom mix contains the fruiting body and the mycelium.

Mycelium is grown on grains like oats, sorghum or rice, not on wood where mushrooms would grow in nature. Mycelium products contain significantly lower levels of valuable beta-glucan, the active medicinal compound in mushrooms. Your dog deserves Four Leaf Rover’s REAL mushrooms … grown the way nature intended and complete with all their health-boosting properties.