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French Bulldog Mini Memory Foam Bed (Two Colors)



You and your Frenchie will fall in love with this mini French Bulldog memory foam beds. You will love the modern, luxurious design, and watching your Frenchie nap in comfort. Your Frenchie will just love, love, love snuggling on it. This size is great to cuddle up on with your Frenchie as well. You may not totally fit but it’s still comfy. I would say two Frenchies could use one bed if they like being close.

Dimensions: 40in long X 25in wide

I highly recommend these because of the durability and ease to clean. I’ve washed mine a multitude of times and it the faux fur bed cover looks great. If theres a little spill it’s easily spot cleaned. I love the fact that there’s a waterproof foam cover protecting the foam. The non-skid bottom is awesome and keeps the rug in place. In the past, I used to buy cheap dog beds and with the first wash they lost their shape. Instead of buying 2 or 3 dog beds a year I now have invested in one of these that’s guaranteed to keep its shape for 10 years. Now that to me is eco-friendly!