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French Bulldog Orange Nutmeg Coat Spray (4.5 oz)


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This French Bulldog Orange Nutmeg Coat Spray is a must! Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling Frenchie to cuddle up to!?!

Did you know a Frenchie’s skin is 3 times thinner than a humans? Toxins can enter the skin much easier for our four pawed trusting Frenchie friend. Choosing safe ingredients is as easy as flipping to the back of the bottle. You will feel great using all natural coat spray  on your Frenchie. Your Frenchie deserves the best natural products to smell great!

French Bulldog Coat Conditioning Spray

Daily spray to freshen & condition skin & coat


Organic Orange Oil calms & detoxifies.

Nutmeg Oil is a natural antiseptic.

Organic Vetiver Oil is calming.