Puppy Proofing for Frenchies-5 Tips for Your Home

Puppy Proofing for Frenchies-5 Tips for Your Home

Puppy proofing for Frenchies in your home is the most important thing you can do for your little bundles safety. I’ve had more puppies than the average person over my lifetime and unfortunately I can tell you that there were times I learned the hard way. I don’t want that for you. This is not an exclusive list but something to get your juices flowing on making your home Frenchie safe.

#1 Check out the backyard for exit points and places they can fall.

Check your fencing to make sure they cannot escape such as holes in the ground, wider slates in your fencing they can squeeze through. I have black iron rod feccing and had to zip tie gardening fence to it so my Frenchies couldn’t squeeze through. There are spots along our fence that the water washes away the dirt. I regularly check it and place more large rocks ther to prevent escapees. Also, if your deck is on the second story make sure there isn’t a space they can squeeze through and fall off. I had one do this that was an older pup and she broke her elbow. I now have stapled gardening fence to the bottom space of the deck railing. Place a lock on any gates. It’s only a matter of time before someone leaves it open and the Frenchies are wondering through the neighborhood. Also, cover window wells. When Maddie was a young pup she ran full force and fell into one of our window wells. It was night time and I was just sure she be hurt or worse. Thankfully she was totally fine. Maybe a little shocked. We covered the window wells right after that.

#2 Get rid of poisonous plants

Check all plants in your home and backyard to make sure they are not poisonous. Remove them from your home or place them high enough your Frenchie can’t reach them. Remember during the holiday season that poinsettias are poisonous.

#3 Remove essenital oils that are poisonous for dogs

Many esssential oils are good for dogs but there are some common ones that are toxic even when diffused in the air. Here’s a few common one but. not a complete list: eucalyptus, tea tree oil, pine oil, wintergreen oil, cinnamon oil, citrus oil, peppermint oil, sweet birch oil. Make sure you pet can easily leave the area when diffusing safe essential oils as well as they have sensitive noses.

#4 Keep poisonous to Frenchies food items up high where they can’t reach them.

Everyone’s home is different. We have an open pantry. When we moved here I quickly realized the Frenchies would sneak in and help themselves to stuff on the bottom shelf. I was thankful they didn’t eat the yeast. Here’s a few of the most toxic foods for Frenchies that you will want to make sure are out of reach: raisins/grapes, xylitol, chocolate, caffeine, yeast and yeast dough, macadamia nuts, fruit pits & sids, alcohol, onions. Xylitol is found in lots of items like gum, protein powders, peanut butters, toothpaste, and many many more.

#5 Put away all cords

Puppies can get tangled up in cords and I have received the sad call that this happened to one of our puppy parents dogs. Take a glance around and make sure they are out of reach of your fur babies.

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