French Bulldog Leggings You’ll Love

French Bulldog Leggings You'll Love

I was sitting in yoga thinking I needed more workout clothes when I realized I have a store of fabulous Frenchie Bulldog leggings and other workout gear. Also, have you ever looked around and really saw no inspirational workout items on everyone around you. It seems that everyone is dressed the same. My word for 2022 is enjoy with the goal to bring enjoyment to every aspect of my life including my workout gear. When I look at my Frenchie leggings it brings me great enjoyment. In fact, I am stopped in stores and told often how much people love them.  Would wearing cute Frenchie workout gear bring you more enjoyment during your workouts? If so, I’ve got some cute ones just for you.  

Another factor that brings me great enjoyment about the Frenchie workout gear is my best friend Erica designed them all. She is about to become a single mom of 5 fabulous kiddos as she had the bravery to leave a negative relationship where she was completely financially dependent on him. I’ve always admired her eye for design and we made a deal that whatever she designs I will promote and she receives 50% of all profits to begin the journey of supporting her family and to be an example of what is possible to her kiddos. Not only will these workout items bring you happiness wearing them but also satisfaction in knowing you are supporting another woman pursuing her dreams of financially providing for her family. Today we are going to talk all about leggings, joggers, and yoga shorts.  

French Bulldog leggings

These leggings are fabulous! When I look for leggings I am looking for certain features. First, they must be high waisted to help hold in my mum tum and not fall down from the waist. I hate pulling my pants up in yoga!   These have great tummy control. Second, They cannot fall down in the crotch area. These Frenchie leggings passed the test. Third, the ankle area must be snug. I find it quite annoying when my leggings look like little bell bottoms but ankle level. These fit snuggly around the ankles. Fourth, I prefer my leggings to reach my ankles. I don’t like them above or calf length or else I feel like I look like a Roman soldier. These fall perfectly. 

We have two versions of Frenchie leggings available. The regular Frenchie and Toon Frenchie. I personally have the Toon Frenchie Leggings but the regular are on there way to me. I can’t wait until we (I mean Erica) design more!!

Got a kiddo or youth size that would love the Toon leggings? We’ve got you covered!

The regular Frenchie also comes in yoga shorts and yoga joggers. I have these coming as well and will give a full review in a future post.

If you are looking for some fun French Bulldog leggings that will put a smile on your face as you workout or even just to cuddle up on winter days with your Frenchie, you will love these! We’d love to see you in your Frenchie gear…maybe even working out with your Frenchie.

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