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French Bulldog Nose Butter 2oz


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The aroma paws French Bulldog nose butter & paws butter is great for Frenchie grooming routines. They are prone to getting a dry nose called nasal hyperkeratosis. This sounds scarier then it actually is. It’s basically protein overgrowth. You can use this butter to prevent it and or soothe a chapped nose.

Did you know a Frenchie’s skin is 3 times thinner than a humans? Toxins can enter the skin much easier for our four pawed trusting Frenchie friend. Choosing safe ingredients is as easy as flipping to the back of the bottle. You will feel great using all natural shampoo and conditioner in one on your Frenchie. Your Frenchie deserves the best natural products to sooth skin and relieve dryness.

Conditions Paws, Pads & Nose Use for everyday conditioning and before walks in hot or icy conditions.

This treatment will help protect your dog’s paws from everyday wear and tear.

Made from luxurious human grade ingredients. Blended with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut & Golden Jojoba Oils

Treatment is sure to relieve your dog’s cracked, dry & rough paws (and nose, too!)

For dry nose prevention and treatment:

For prevention use once daily.

Use 2-3 daily if experiencing symptoms and then back off to once daily when nose returns to normal.