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Many new owners are unaware of the must have French Bulldog skin & wound care first aid items they should have on hand. It’s not a question of if but when your Frenchie will have a wound whether small or larger that will need to be treated. I have multiple Frenchies and it’s not uncommon for one of them to have a scratch, abrasion, sores, and skin irritations that could use a little help healing. We use this two part system. In fact we have these on hand at all times. One time I didn’t have it and I felt like kicking myself because I had to wait two days before receiving it in the mail. Time is tissue. You can prevent infections when spraying these products on your Frenchie when they arise.

Part 1: The Vetericyn antimicrobial wound & skin care spray

This is our go to item for healing any skin issues for our Frenchies. If they have stitches, skin bump, skin irritation, or a bite wound from one of their Frenchie friends this is what we apply and it works. Always, watch for signs of infection such as redness, swelling, and heat at the site and discuss with your veterinarian. You simply spray it on the site 3-4 times daily. Safe for around the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. It’s best used with the hydrogel.

Part 2: The Vetericyn Antimicrobial Hydrogel

After applying the wound & skin care spray, spray the hydrogel on the site. This is important as it adheres to the site, keeping it moist, and allowing the healing process to work most effectively.

These products are safe for all Frenchies at all stages of life and safe if licked. We swear by these products and recommend building your own Frenchie First Aid Kit and they include these items.

You can buy products individually here.

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