How to smooth out your Frenchies dry crusty nose. 

Does your Frenchie have a dry nose? It could be that your little one is experiencing a dry nose or it could be nsala hyperkeratosis. Both are considered cosmetic and usually not life threatening. Let’s discuss the difference between the two, the treatment, and when to see a veterinarian. 

Frenchie’s Dry nose

Our Frenchies noses may have different temperatures and moistness throughout the day. It is best if his nose is moist most of the time. If it is dry most of the time, it is something that should be addressed. A few things can help keep the nose moist. 

1. A thin layer of mucus secreted by their nasal lining.

2. Frequent nose-licking not only keeps it moist but brings the scent particles into the dogs mouth where olfactory glands interpret the smelly intel. Working dogs depend on these cue to detect bombs and missing people but even your Frenchie depends on a healthy nose to optimize his sniffing performance.  Flat nosed dogs like Frenchies have a harder time reaching their nose to keep it nice and moist. 

What causes a dry nose in Frenchies?

  1. They have a flat nose that prevents them from being able to lick their nose to keep it moise. 
  2. Dry environments. If you live in a dryer area like Colorado, you know you yourself have a harder time keeper your own skin moist. It’s the same for the your little Frenchies nose. The winter months tend to cause more dryness as well as warming their noses up next to a space heater or fireplace. 
  3. Allergies. Often if your Frenchie has an environmental allergy, chances are it’ll show up as a reaction on their nose. Allergic reactions include symptoms such as itching, hives, persistent sneezing, watery fluid from the nose, and ear infections. 
  4. Waking up. Dogs don’t lick their nose during nap time. When they wake up it can be drier. 
  5. Dehydration. Just as with us it’s important to keep our Frenchie’s hydrated as it can effect the dryness of their skin and nose. 

Nasal Hyperkeratosis in Frenchies

This is when your Frenchie’s body produces excess keratin which are fibrous proteins making up the outer layer of the skin. It’s basically caused by excessive skin growth that will result in a build-up of hard, thick dry, and calloused skin. If left without treating it, the skin will be brittle, may crack, bleed, or even become infected. Remember a moist nose help them with their sniffing ability to this dry, cracked nose can really effect it’s sniffing ability. 

On the left is Jewels. I would consider her nose dry and likely due to our dry Colorado winter months. On the right is Romeo. I’d consider that he has nasal hyperkeratosis. Both will begin having balm applied to their noses.

Heal your Frenchie’s dry nose.

It is important to pinpoint the the cause of the dry nose. You can follow these steps to help you do so. 

  1. For dry nose, keep track of when your Frenchie’s nose is dry or wet. Consider the time of year. How long does it last. During the winter months I apply much more lotion to my own skin than I do in the summer months. You may need to add more moisture during the winter months. 
  2. For dry nose, remove potential allergens. Start with the common allergens such as plastic. Replace plastic bowls with glass or stainless steel ones. Below are additional recommendations of what you can do. 
    1. Remove synthetic fragrances such as plug-ins and candles. Replace if desired with clean candles and essential oil diffuser. Warning: only use essential oils that are safe for dogs. Some are poisonous. 
    2. Find pet friendly lawn care options instead of spraying your lawn with irritating chemicals. 
    3. Replace your cleaning supplies with “clean” cleaning products. Remember your Frenchie’s skin is 3 times thinner than yours and they spend most of their time on the floor. I love using BioKleen’s products which I order on Amazon. These are affiliate links. 
    4. We use this on our floors. It’s concentrated and lasts forever: BioKleen all-purpose cleaner.
    5. For Frenchie accidents: BioKleen Bac-Out Pet Stain Remover.BioKleen Carpet Cleaner. 
    6. Keep your Frenchie beds cleans without exposing them to harmful chemicals. BioKleen Natural Laundry Detergent
  3. For dry nose and nasal hyperkeratosis, soothe your Frenchie’s nose with an all natural balm or coconut oil. It’s important that it’s all natural and safe as they like their nose. We love Aroma Paws. It’s a paw conditioner as well but is a safe and effective when applied on the nose. The balms have fast absorbing, intermediate, and longer absorbing oils in them to provide immediate and longer lasting effects. For dry nose you can try applying once daily and observing how moist your pups nose is and adjust accordingly. For nasal hyperkeratosis, apply 2-3 times daily for 2-3 days. Check after the third day to see if the crust is beginning to crumble. If not, continue the 2-3 time daily application. If it does, you can begin once daily maintenance doses. Keep in mind every pup is different. You may need to apply more often or less often. 
  4. Know when to see the vet for your Frenchie’s dry nose. Most of the time a dry nose can be healed with a balm and removing allergies. You may consider an allergy test to help you identify the allergy. Take note of other symptoms like fever, dry eye, lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea, or changes in appetite. If your Frenchie has nasal hyperkeratosis you should see a vet if his nose is: 
  • Producing colored and/or thick discharge
  • Bleeding
  • Has lumps or bumps
  • Excessively cracking
  • Your dog won’t stop scratching, licking or rubbing at their nose
  • Your dog’s personality, mood or demeanor has changed

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